Implications of the FTC's Final Rule on Noncompetes and M&A

Implications of the FTC’s Final Rule on Noncompetes and M&A

Discover how the FTC’s final rule affects noncompetes and M&A transactions, as well as the impact on business strategies and workforce dynamics.

antitrust revolution concept

The Antitrust Revolution

I taught antitrust law as an Adjunct Professor at John Marshall Law School in Chicago for twelve years. Then I […]

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The Significance of the DOJ’s New Safe Harbor Policy in Mergers and Acquisitions for 2024

In 2024, the landscape of corporate mergers and acquisitions is undergoing a significant transformation with the introduction of a new […]


M&A Doing OK

The M&A insurance market is sharply up from pandemic levels, more than 40 percent from 2020, but the transaction total […]


Review of Renewable Energy M&A in 2022, Outlook for 2023

M&A in the renewable energy sector started slowly in 2022, but gained steam with passage of the Inflation Reduction Act […]

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