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Integrating Generative AI and ESI Protocols

May 6, 2024

Integrating Generative AI and ESI Protocols

Integrating Generative AI and ESI Protocols

When it comes to integrating Generative AI and Electronically Stored Information (ESI) protocols, keeping things simple is a plus. In the past, according to an article by JND Legal Administration, ESI Protocols have adapted to technological advancements and changing data landscapes. They’ve evolved from basic concepts like email threading to complex techniques such as Technology Assisted Review (TAR). Now, they face the integration of GenAI.

GenAI essentially tackles the age-old challenge of separating relevant from irrelevant data. Validation methods, similar to those applied in TAR and keyword searches, ensure defensibility. Metrics like recall, precision, and elusion rate establish success criteria, with an agreed-upon threshold typically set around 85% recall.

The article suggests that addressing GenAI in ESI Protocols mirrors TAR negotiations. Parties stipulate minimum accuracy thresholds for utilizing automated review results. This straightforward approach ensures alignment with legal standards and promotes efficiency.

Despite its novelty, GenAI doesn’t revolutionize validation methodologies. It promises higher recall rates, potentially outperforming traditional methods. This improvement in the “funnel” benefits all stakeholders.

While GenAI heralds a technological leap, its validation aligns with conventional practices. By focusing on simplicity and established metrics, ESI Protocols can effectively incorporate GenAI advancements into legal processes.

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