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Are You Prepared For Managing the New FinCEN Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) Process?

Presented by Today’s Managing Partner and Thomson Reuters

Josh Driskell, Managing Partner, Lagerlof, LLP
Jason Reid, Regional Manager, HighQ, Thomson Reuters

In response to the FinCEN CTA rule scheduled to be enacted on January 1st, 2024, Law Firms will need to ensure they are prepared to manage their clients’ reporting requirements.

As a trusted partner in helping firms navigate every new era in law firm practice, Thomson Reuters has now developed a pre-built template that provides firms with a playbook on how to stay organized and manage compliance at all stages of the FinCEN reporting process.

From outreach to intake, and everything in between leading up to submission with the federal government, we’ll show you how simple it can be to manage this vast undertaking for your clients while creating a profit source for your firm.

Join us for this 30-minute presentation where we will:

  • Talk with Josh Driskell, Managing Partner of Lagerlof, LLP, about how you can confidently stay up-to-date and counsel your clients on the federal rules/changes surrounding FinCEN CTA.
  • Provide a solutions-oriented live demonstration of the turn-key HighQ Template that will allow you to manage this process from start to finish.

Register today to join the live discussion or to ensure you receive a link to the recorded event.

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