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Key Trends and Strategies for M&A Transaction Management
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Presented by Today’s Managing Partner and Thomson Reuters

Jag Dhariwal, CEO, Dealcloser
Maureen Rogers, Senior Client Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters
Sebastiaan Bos, Senior Director Product Management, Thomson Reuters
MODERATOR: Mohamed Bashir, Manager, Global Solutions Consulting, Thomson Reuters

Over the past decade, there has been a notable increase of over 30% in the average time required to successfully complete merger-and-acquisition deals – given the complexities of navigating multiple systems for a single transaction, this is hardly a surprise!

Understanding the need to alleviate the burdensome and stressful processes of deals, we are pleased to present a panel of legal experts from Dealcloser and Thomson Reuters to share their experience and insights, as well as offer actionable solutions to help lawyers gain back time and focus on their practice.

Join us to learn first hand about:

  • The key forces shaping the M&A landscape in 2024, and why incorporating strategies to mitigate workflow complexities is essential for staying competitive.
  • Proactive measures to prevent delayed deals, control costs, and reduce errors with a unified transaction management solution.
  • Examples of how top-tier law firms implement technology to enhance and streamline deal workflows with less stress for busy attorneys.
  • Methods to improve collaboration at every stage of the deal, expedite the delivery of closing books, and additional ways to exceed client expectations during the deal cycle.
  • The TR approach for an end-to-end solution for transaction management.

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