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Is Your Evidence Real?

Presented by Today’s Managing Partner and iDiscovery Solutions

Hunter McMahon, COO, iDiscovery Solutions
Anna Gressel, Counsel, Paul Weiss
Ben Colman, CEO & Co-Founder, Reality Defender

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now readily accessible to anyone with a browser and has ushered in an era of unprecedented creativity and efficiency. In doing so, it has also opened Pandora’s box of opportunities to create fabricated evidence, a potential risk that we need to address.

While we’ve dealt with forged documents and other modified evidence for decades, the ease of access to technology may put every investigation and litigation at risk. To help you navigate these new waters, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to discuss these topics and more:

  • AI in the Courts
  • How generative AI is able to “create” evidence
  • The corporate risks associated with generative AI in the hands of bad actors
  • Why you should be more cautious with “digital evidence”
  • Examples of deep fake detection

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